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Viconti size 5 Steel Semi-flex, EF Tip

Viconti size 5 Steel Semi-flex, EF Tip

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VIsconti steel nib unit with feeder and threaded housing.

This small steel Visconti nib without breather hole and with a dot to recognize the tip size is available in:

EF tip without dot, 1 dot means F tip, 2 dots means M tip and 3 dots means B tip.

Visconti steel nib is suitable for all Visconti fountain pens, that carry the smaller size like Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Vertigo and new Mirage. Please be aware that this nib is not compatible with the old styled Visconti nibs.

Brushed finish.

Size 5, that means that the feeder is 5 millimeters in diameter.

Modified by FPnibs to add flexibilty: up to 1 millimeter tines opening.

It is soft, that means you do not need to apply lot of pressure to open the tines.

Modified feeder to increase ink flow.

Works well with cartridges and converters, but bigger ink reservoir would be even better.

You must learn the limits of this nibs in order to avoid a permanent tines spread due to too much pressure. In this case we would not replace or repair the nib for free.

All our nibs are adjusted and tested to perform at their best if used properly.

Extra care must be taken when screwing and unscrewing the nib unit into your pen, because it may misalign the tines.