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We offer you engraving services for nibs and other parts of your pens like barrels.

Laser engraving:
we now offer laser engraving for Jowo and Bock nibs as well as for metal parts of pens we sell in this store.
We can engrave text, patterns or logos with this technique. You can use our custom options that we offer directly in our store or you can send us a vector drawing directly to our email.

Prices for laser engraving as follow:
-1 Text engraving for 4.00€
-2 Logo engraving for 5.00€ up to 20 nibs, 4.00€ from 20 to 50 nibs and 3.00€ from 50 to 100 nibs.

Prices VAT not included.

No initial cost or set up fee is required for laser engraving.

For engravings with several drawings, special depth, texture or tone, or any other customization you may need please contact us.

Pantograph engraving:
We make nib engraving with a machine like the one below. It is manual operated and the cutting tool is a diamond that creates deep and shiny grooves the opposite than laser engraving that works burning the surface.

With the same engraving machine we use a cutting rotating tool to engrave softer materials like wood, resin or ebonite.

This is a low cost and very effective method to make your fountain pens customized with your company name, logo or any other drawing you may create.

Logo, drawings or any other type of customized engraving, have an initial cost of 80,00€ for a template and from 3,00€ per nib engraved. A set up fee is charged each time you want us to engrave your nibs.

This prices are average as depends on many factors.
Prices VAT not included.
Please contact us to get more information for this service.           

We now offer initials engraving like the one i the picture below with a maximum of three letters:


The price for this initials engraving is 4,00€ and is available as an option in nibs in this catalogue like Jowo and Bock.